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Instructions for Use of Disposable Isolation Gown

Product Name:Disposable Isolation Gown


Model /Specifications

MODEL: SZ400 Blue color, reversible style.

Specifications: S, M, L

Structural Composition:The product is non-sterile, disposable and sewn with 43% SMS film (15gms) composite 57% non-woven fabric (20gms).

1. Appearance: the appearance of coverall shall be dry, clean and free of mildew. No adhesion, crack, hole and other defects are allowed on the surface. The stitch spacing should be 8-14 needles per 3cm. The stitch should be even, straight and free of skipped stitch.

2. Size: the size shall meet the requirements;

3. Surface moisture resistance: the moisture level on the outer side should be no less than Class 3;

4. Fracture strength: the fracture strength of the key parts should be no less than 45N;

5. Elongation at break: the elongation of key parts shall not be less than 15%;

6. Quality per square meter: no less than 30g/m2;

7. Penetrability resistance: the hydrostatic pressure of key parts shall be no less than 1.67kpa (17cmH2O).

Applicable Scope:General protection for outpatient department, ward and laboratory of medical institution


1. Take away personal articles that may damage the coverall, such as pens, badges, jewelry, etc. 2. After cleaning hands, take out the isolation gown, put arms into the sleeves first, then put the elastic cuffs on wrists, tidy up the gown and tie around waist. 3. Use head cover when necessary.

4. When wearing gloves, the wrist part should be hidden in the sleeves.



 Attention, Warning And Prompt

1. Please read the Instructions carefully before use

2. This product is a disposable product and is strictly prohibited to reuse or share with other persons for use.

3. In case of inward packaging damage, the product is strictly prohibited to use.

4. Before wearing the coverall, all necessities for operation should be prepared.

5. Choose appropriate size and model of protective coverall.

6. The protective coverall must be replaced per day; in case of moisture or contamination, please replace the coverall immediately

7. If necessary, please make disinfection treatment before use

Contraindications:Be cautious to use if allergic to this product

Storage:Store in light-avoided, normal temperature and ventilated indoor room

Transportation:Transport with general transportation vehicles under normal temperature; avoid wind, rain and sunshine during transport.

Date Of Manufacture:See package

Production Batch No.:See package

Validity:2 years

Registered Organization/Manufacturer/After-sales Service Organization:Hebei SUREZEN Medical Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Office Address:Rm. 2303, Tower A, Fortune Building, 86 Guang’an Street, Chang’an District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Manufacture Site:East of Huangjiazhuang Village, Chang’an Town, Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City

Contact:Tel: 0311-89690318                  Postal Code: 050000




Factory information



Disposable Non-medical Isolation Gown size:120x140cm

Hebei SUREZEN Medical Protective Products Co., Ltd.

[Office Address]
Rm. 2303, Tower A, Fortune Building, 86 Guang’an Street, Chang’an District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

[Manufacture Site]
East of Huangjiazhuang Village, Chang’an Town, Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City.

Inner Bag Size 48x36cm(After Packed)

Text Standard

Passed SGS Water Resistance Hydrostatic Head and Impact Penetration Test


20bags/outer carton


Carton size

NW: 11.5 kg
GW: 13.5 kg

Tech information:
1. One size fits all, blue color, size: 120cm×140cm, sleeve length: 62cm (include cuff length)
2.The product is disposable and sewn with 43%PE (15gms) coated 57% non-woven fabric (20gms).
3.Non-sterile, general isolation for industrial and civil disposable use.

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