Bandage mask

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This product uses a three-layer filter, which can effectively isolate bacterial particles without holding your breath and effectively prevent haze, pollen, and dust. Complete qualifications, products are guaranteed, three-layer filter meltblown cloth + non-woven fabric protection level is high, work and school go out, always guard, special summer style, light and breathable, Fits the face, does not loose, low resistance, does not hold the breath, flat high-elastic ear straps, comfortable to wear and do not tighten the ears.

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Bandage Mask

1. It is comfortable to wear and suitable for the crowd, does not hold your breath, breathes smoothly, and effectively isolates bacterial particles.

2. It can effectively block haze, pollen, cigarettes, bacterial particles and other harmful substances.

3. Prevent dust droplets, highly filter impurities in the air, easy to carry, thin and easy to wear, and can remove exhaust gas to breathe new air.

4. The product does not make decorations that are in vain, professional anti-droplet masks, workmanship and protection can make life healthier.

5. The product materials are melt blown cloth, skin-friendly non-woven fabric, high efficiency filtration, V-shaped design, suitable for more people with more faces.

Medical protective masks are suitable for the protection of medical staff and related staff against airborne respiratory infectious diseases. It is a kind of close-fitting self-priming filtering medical protective equipment with a high level of protection, especially suitable for exposure to airborne during diagnosis and treatment activities Or when worn by patients with respiratory infections spread by droplets at close range, this level of mask can filter particles in the air and block pollutants such as droplets, blood, body fluids, and secretions. The filtration efficiency of non-oily particles can reach 95 Above% reaches the N95 level, which is a commonly used personal protective equipment for airborne diseases. It has a good fit with the wearer’s face and is a one-time use product. Medical protective masks can prevent most pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The WHO recommends that medical workers use protective masks against particulates to prevent virus infection in the hospital air.

Product parameter

Types of: Medical masks For people: Medical staff or related personnel
standard: GB19083-2003 Filter level: 99%
Place of production: Hebei Province Brand: Love can
model: Earband Type of disinfection: Ethylene oxide
size: 17.5*9.5cm Quality Certification: Have
Shelf life: 3 years Instrument classification: Level 2
safety standard: 0469-2011 medical surgical mask product name: Disposable medical protective mask
port: Tianjin harbor payment method: Letter of credit or wire transfer
    Packing: Carton


1. Use a mask to carefully cover the mouth and nose and tie them firmly to minimize the gap between the face and the mask;

2. When in use, avoid touching the mask-after touching the used mask, for example, to remove or clean the mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol hand sanitizer;

3. After the mask is damp or contaminated with moisture, put on a new clean and dry mask;

4. Do not reuse disposable masks. Disposable masks should be discarded after each use.

Storage and Precautions

1. General medical masks must be replaced after 4 hours of use and cannot be used again; and if you just throw a trash downstairs and do not touch other people, you can put the mask in a ventilated, dry, and sanitary place, or put it in a clean place. , In a ventilated paper bag for reuse.

2. When placing the mask, it is best to store it separately and indicate the person who uses it to prevent others from taking it and using it by mistake, causing the risk of cross-infection.

3. For medical surgical masks, disinfectant, alcohol, etc. cannot be used for disinfection, and even more can not be washed with water. After use, put them in a bag or trash can for medical masks.

4. For cotton gauze masks, we can clean and disinfect. If possible, it is recommended to use ultraviolet light for disinfection.

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